All Tractor Brands in India

Hello our dear farmer brothers, we have brought this new function on khetiwadi website, through which we are trying to provide information about almost all tractors of almost all tractor company running in India to all farmer brothers. Through this information of tractor, you will know that according to your farming or your requirement, which tractor will be suitable for you. Through which you were able to do all the work related to farming with ease and ease.

Through this function you can find the value of any tractor and what type of steering is in that tractor, how much capacity the tractor is engin, how many HP's PTO capacity is in the tractor, what type of braking system, how many cylinders of engin Yes, what types of tires can be used in a tractor, how much are the reverse gears, how much is the forward gear, how much is the speed of the tractor, how much is the weight of the tractor and how much is its lifting capacity, etc. You can get similar information from which You could choose the tractor you like.

In the coming times, we are going to bring new features in it, through which you will be able to give your rating to any tractor and you will be able to compare the features of both tractors by comparing any tractor with another tractor.