Eicher 5660

Price : ₹ 6,45,000 - ₹ 6,60,000

Engin Power : 50 HP
PTO Power : 43 HP
Gears :
Forward Gears : 8
Reverse Gears : 2
Type of Steering : Power / Mechanical Steering
Type of Brakes : Dry Disc / Oil Immersed
Lifting Capacity : 1300 kg

The Eicher 5660 is designed with 50 hp power, highly efficiency and great comfort along with a powerful 3 cylinder, and around 3330 cc engine with a 2150 rated RPM that generates power of 50 horse power. The Eicher 5660 is equipped with 4 stage oil bath type air filter that provides dust free air to engine,The Eicher 5660 comes with a water-cooled cooling system to overcome engine overheating in long-term heavy tasks. The Eicher 5660 comes with a dry disc or oil immersed brake, larger clutch and mechanical or power steering options that make the Eicher 5660 tractor very comfortable and smooth for the operator without causing fatigue. The Eicher 5660 features adjustable tow-hooks and features such as sliding mesh and synchromesh gearbox options. This makes the Eicher 5660 perfect for plowing, seed drill, harrow, puckering, haul and more with backup torque in case of partial torque condition.

Eicher 5660 Specifications

ENGINE Specification
Horsepower (HP) 50 HP
Engine Capacity in cc 3330 cc
Engine RPM 2150 RPM
Cylinder 3
Air Filter 4 Stage Oil bath type
Cooling Type Water Cooled

TRANSMISSION Specifications
Clutch Single / Dual
Type of Transmission Sliding Mesh / Synchromesh
Forward Speed 3.17 - 32.31 kmph
Reverse speed NA
No of Forward Gears 8
No of Reverse Gears 2

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BRAKES Specifications
Type of Brake Dry Disc / Oil Immersed
Turning radius with brake NA

STEERING Specifications
Type of Steering Power / Mechanical Steering
Steering Adjustment NO

PTO POWER Specifications
Type of PTO 6 Spline

FUEL TANK Specifications
FUEL TANK Capacity(Liters) 45 liters

Weight 2200 kg
Wheelbase 1980 mm
Overall Length NA

HYDRAULICS Specifications
Lifting capacity 1300 kg

TYRE SIZE Specifications
Front Tyres 7.5 X 16
Rear Tyres 14.9 X 28 X 16.9 X 28

Drive Type
Drive type 2WD

Warranty 2000 Hours / 2 year