Eicher 188

Price : ₹ 3,50,000 - ₹ 4,25,000

Engin Power : 18 HP
PTO Power : 15 HP
Gears :
Forward Gears : 8
Reverse Gears : 2
Type of Steering : Mechanical Steering
Type of Brakes : Oil Immersed
Lifting Capacity : 770 kg

Eicher 188 SI 25L cylinder with 825 cc engine has 18 hp range tractor with 2400 rpm, it has pre cleaner type air filter with dry cleaner, which Eicher 188 tractor dust free clean air with maximum output with tractor engine Provides and provides air-cooled systems. did. Not even for long work hours. The Eicher 188 is equipped with a sliding mesh gearbox with 2 reverse and 8 forward gear options, the Eicher 188 tractor gives a forward speed of 30 kmph and this tractor is equipped with oil immersed brakes. Comes which helps in stopping this tractor quickly. Eicher 188 is equipped with mechanical steering to make the tractor easier to handle on the roads or any agricultural or any commercial activity. Eicher 188 ट्रैक्टर comes with PTO that provide PTO Speed ​​540 and 540E (Economy) with advanced hydraulics system automatic draft control and control valves. The Eicher 188 has a 30-liter capacity diesel tank. The Eicher 188 has 5 x 12 front tires and 8 x 18 rear tires. 


e road price of Eicher 188 in India is ich 3.50 to 4.25 lakh. The street price includes many factors such as ex-showroom price, RTO registration charge , road tax amount and insurance amount. All these components have been added to get the on-road price of the Eicher 188 tractor. Furthermore, these components differ from one state to another. The price also varies depending on the variants of the Eicher 188 tractor.

The Eicher 188 is the most fuel efficient engine in the 18 hp category.

The Eicher 188 has a PTO power of 15 hp.

Eicher 188 has a lifting capacity of 770 kg.

Eicher 188 Specifications

ENGINE Specification
Horsepower (HP) 18 HP
Engine Capacity in cc 825 cc
Engine RPM 2400 RPM
Cylinder 1
Air Filter Dry type with pre-cleaner
Cooling Type Air Cooled

TRANSMISSION Specifications
Clutch Single Friction Plate
Type of Transmission Sliding Mesh
Forward Speed 30 kmph
Reverse speed NA
No of Forward Gears 8
No of Reverse Gears 2

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BRAKES Specifications
Type of Brake Oil Immersed
Turning radius with brake NA

STEERING Specifications
Type of Steering Mechanical Steering
Steering Adjustment NO

PTO POWER Specifications
Type of PTO 6 Spline
PTO RPM 540, 540E

FUEL TANK Specifications
FUEL TANK Capacity(Liters) 30 liters

Weight NA
Wheelbase 1420 mm
Overall Length NA

HYDRAULICS Specifications
Lifting capacity 770 kg

TYRE SIZE Specifications
Front Tyres 5 X 12
Rear Tyres 8 X 18

Drive Type
Drive type 2WD / 4WD

Warranty 1000 Hours / 1 year