John Deere 3036EN

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Key Highlights


910 kg


36 HP


Power Steering

image CLUTCH

Single Friction Plate




2800 RPM

image WEIGHT

1070 kg

John Deere 3036 N is a small mini tractor with powerful 3 cylinder, 1500 cc, 36 hp engine with 2800k rpm. John Deere uses a coolant-cooled cooling system for the 3036N engine. The John Deere 3036N is used primarily for orchard cultivation and inter-cultivation works where narrow track widths are required. The John Deere 3036N features a unique and exclusive feature of the sync reversal gearbox that not only advances 8 gears, but also 8 reverse gears which is the best in its class. With these sets of gears, the John Deere 3036 N is capable of accelerating from 1.6 to 19.5 kmph in the forward direction and in the reverse direction at speeds of 1.7 to 20.3 kmph. The John Deere 3036N is fitted with power steering that provides a smooth ride and reduces operator fatigue. The John Deere 3036N has a capacity to lift 910 kg of weight within a small tractor range suitable for handling various agricultural equipment. John Deere 3036N dry type air filter that enhances engine performance by supplying clean, dust-free air. The John Deere 3036N fitted with the best braking capability for advanced oil submerged tractors. The John Deere 3036N comes with a rear light reflector rear flash light to operate at night, adjustable seats and other features that make the John Deere 3036N a more comfortable tractor.

The road price of John Deere 3036 N tractor in India is from 6.45 to De 6.90 which includes many factors like ex-showroom price, RTO registration amount, road tax amount and insurance amount. All of those components are added to urge the on-road price of the John Deere 3036N tractor. Furthermore, these components vary from state to state. The price also varies depending on the version of John Deere 3036N tractor.

The small dimension tractor has a very special feature of the John Deere 3036N, a powerful 36 hp 3-cylinder engine with 2800 rpm.

The John Deere 3036N comes in a heavy-duty four-wheel drive configuration, used for more traction for any situation.

The John Deere 3036N's narrow width allows for a wide range of applications - dimensional suitability as a small orchard tractor making it ideal for farmers owning small lands.

Key to the on / off switch feature with finger guard and neutral start switch protection that makes the John Deere 3036N safe.

The John Deere 3036N comes with a high lifting capacity of 910 kg with a metal face seal in the front and rear axle for high reliability in any operation.

The John Deere 3036N tank has a capacity to carry 32 liters of fuel.

The John Deere 3036N weighs 1070 kg with a wheelbase of 1570 mm.

And the John Deere 3036N has a total length of 2520 mm i.e. 2.52 meters and can be changed to a radius of 2300 mm with brakes.

The John Deere 3036 N comes with 6 x 14 front tires and 8.3 x 24 rear tires.

John Deere 3036EN Specifications

Horsepower (HP) 36 HP
Engine Capacity in cc 1500 cc
Engine RPM 2800 RPM
Cylinder 3
Air Filter Dry type
Cooling Type Coolant Cooled

Mini tractors

Clutch Single Friction Plate
Type of Transmission Sync Reverser
Forward Speed 1.6 – 19.5 kmph
Reverse speed 1.7 - 20.3 kmph
No of Forward Gears 8
No of Reverse Gears 8

Filter Tractor By Company

Type of Brake Oil Immersed
Turning radius with brake 2300 mm

Type of Steering Power Steering
Steering Adjustment NO

More tractors by John Deere
PTO Power
Type of PTO 6 Spline

FUEL TANK Capacity(Liters) 32 liters

Weight 1070 kg
Wheelbase 1574 mm
Overall Length 2520 mm

Lifting capacity 910 kg

Popular tractors
Front Tyres 6 X 14
Rear Tyress 8.3 X 24

Drive Type
Drive type 4WD

Warranty 5000 Hours / 5 year

Agriculture Tips

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